About us

our objective

1. To worship God.
2. To edify Christians.
3. To spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
4. To adopt measures for the promotion of the cause of Christ among such churches whose faith and practice are in harmony with our Statement of Belief.


1. To Multiply Our Membership.
2. To Manufacture a Surplus of Leadership.
3. To Mature Our Membership.
4. To Manage Our Ministries to the Glory of God.
5. To Materialize a Facility that Fosters Worship.
6. To Model Debt Free Living.
7. To Manifest a Multi-Cultural Congregation.
8. To Make a Local and Global Impact.
9. To Musically Grow Detroit into the Praise Center of the Midwest.
10. To Mentor Prayer Partners Who Take the Kingdom by Force.

our pastor:
Pastor and Mrs. Alexander
Gregory Alexander
CO-VID-19 Resources
Meals available for families and seniors visit detroitmi.gov/food
Need water turned on? During the COVID-19 outbreak, Detroiters living in households with no water service can sign up for the
Water Restart Plan to restore service and keep their water flowing for only $25 per month.
Thousands are already participating: sign up here!
Also check our newsletter for additional resources.